Residence permit in Turkey for the owners
Residence permit in Turkey for the owners.The real estate in Turkey has a lot of evident advantages. One of them is the simplicity and quality of getting the residence permit.
The process of acquiring a residence permit has undergone a lot of positive changes since the late 90s. The procedure became much simpler, and some of the steps can be done without leaving home. It is possible due to e-ikamet electronic system. Thanks to it, the owner of the real property can register and fill out a form for obtaining ikamet on the website of the migration service. After that, remains only to prepare the necessary documents, pay the state fee and come for the interview – rendezvous. This term in Turkey means the process of reviewing the questionnaire and documents in the Migration Department.
Residence permit in Turkey for the owners.
On the randevu you should have the next documents:

Medical insurance. It’s possible to use any nation medical insurance with the turkish translation
4 biometric photoes for the documents 3×4
Photocopy of TAPU
Document from the cadastre office about the validity of TAPU
The taxpayer Identification number from Internal Revenue Service
It is not is not necessary to show bank account statement in the second quarter of 2017 year where is funds calculated at 500 dollars for every month of being but it is better to have it because staff member from the Department can asks this document.
You can pay a state fee at the tax office or a bank. Two receipts – about payment for the ikamet card and directly for the residence permit – must be photocopied and sent together with the documents to the Migration Department.
On the day of the rendezvous, you need to bring originals and copies of documents that are listed on the last page of the form. After a short conversation and, most likely, a positive response, the Department will give a temporary residence permit, which you need to save with two receipts about tax payments. This is a stamped document of red color of A4 size. The submitted documents will be sent to Ankara, therefore the time for getting a plastic card depends on the distance from the capital. One of the pleasant innovations is you don’t have to go anywhere for getting the document personally. The courier will deliver the residence permit directly to the address of the recipient.
Together with the owner of the property, the immediate family – parents, spouse, children – can obtain a residence permit.
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