A grandiose residential project in Mahmutlar. Alanya. From Alanya Homes


To surprise and delight is our job!

This is an elite residential complex located on the Mediterranean coast, in the warmest part of Turkey . It is the embodiment of our many years of experience in quality construction.

The location of the project corresponds to the status of a premium residential complex:

a small distance from the sea, proximity to the city center and the presence of supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, cafes and social facilities nearby.

The complex represents houses in a modern style, with high-quality artistic lighting. Restrained and laconic facades of noble warm colors with panoramic glazing. The cascading arrangement of the blocks of the residential complex suggests unique views from almost every apartment!

The residential complex will be surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Mediterranean, and the territory will be buried in greenery! The garden of the complex is in no way inferior to the palace parks  many flower beds, paths, ponds and fountains will be installed.

The central axis of the territory will be a light-dynamic musical fountain! There will be a walking path along it leading to the center of the garden ensemble

the infinity pool. To the left and right of the musical fountain, there will also be large swimming pools and relaxation areas with jacuzzis, sun loungers, gazebos and canopy lounges.

The garden area will be completed with a composition of tropical plants, a mini golf course and an open-air cinema! The residential complex combines the possibilities for both a relaxing holiday in the cool of the pools and garden park, and for active recreation.

In the northern part, behind the main garden area, there will be a large water park with various slides, a pool with an artificial wave. For sports activities, there will be two tennis courts and a children's rope park.

For leisure, there will be a barbecue area with tables and an amphitheater for festive events. And a large hall for special events in one of the blocks of the complex.

A special feature is a dedicated SPA zone and a fitness room exclusively for women.

The closed territory of the complex and security will ensure a safe stay for adults and children.

The project provides for underground parking for 300 cars.

Security will be ensured by a modern video surveillance system provided in each facility of the complex. The territory of the complex will be serviced by a staff of employees who will monitor the order and cleanliness of the complex, as well as solve the current domestic issues of residents.

The adjacent territory will be landscaped to the highest class and will become a comfortable and safe environment for residents of all ages.

Choosing our new project for life and relaxation, you get comfort and carelessness, a feeling of luxurious life and a house on the seashore that you dream of!

Infrastructure of the Complex

  • Entrance by cards to the territory of the complex
  • Security system
  • Landscaped green area
  • Musical fountains
  • Sky way - a floating bridge.
  • 2 outdoor pools
  • İnfinity pool
  • 8 jacuzzis
  • 4 pools for babies up to 3 years old
  • Landscaped recreation areas with a canopy
  • Gazebos
  • Green recreation area
  • Tropical garden
  • Walking area with miniatures
  • Open-air cinema
  • Relaxation area with hammocks
  • Closed parking for 300 spaces
  • Elevators and escalators for moving around the territory
  • Toilets and showers throughout the complex
  • Active Recreation Areas
  • Aquapark for adults
  • Aquapark for children
  • Swimming pool with artificial wave
  • Splash zone (Dry fountain)
  • Barbecue areas for 200 seats
  • Area for events
  • Children's mini club (with a stage, kitchen and photo area)
  • Sports Trainers in the open area
  • Outdoor playground with slides and swings
  • Rope park
  • Chess park
  • Table tennis
  • Minigolf
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Multicourt

A grandiose residential project in Mahmutlar For You

Get what you deserve A wonderful complex for the best life in Alanya

  • Area
    30,000 m2
  • Location
  • Total apartments
Specificity of buildings:

Total number - 144 apartments
Floors - 12 Floors
2 + 1 (124.7 M²-125.2 M²)
3 + 1 with separate kitchen (191.1 M² - 201.1 M²)
4 + 1 Duplex with separate kitchen (230.8 M²-388.1 M²)

Total number of apartments - 120
Floors - 12 Floors
1 + 1 (68 M²)
1 + 1 with a terrace (80 M²- 91 M²)
2 + 1 (118 M²- 135.2 M²)
2 + 1 with a separate kitchen (143.8 M²)
2 + 1 with terrace (167M² -227M²)
2 + 1 Duplex (126.5M²-131.3 M²)
4 + 1 Duplex (232.9M²-267.60M²)

Total number of apartments - 168 apartments
Floors - 12 Floors
1 + 1 (68 M²-100 M²) - 114
1 + 1 apartments with a terrace (80 M²-159 M²)
2 + 1 (135 M²)
2 + 1 with a terrace ( 227 M²)
2 + 1 Duplex (126.5M²-131.3 M²)
4 + 1 Duplex (232.9M²-267.60M²)

Total number of apartments - 120
Floors - 12 Floors
1 + 1 (68 M²)
1 + 1 with a terrace (80 M²-91 M²)
2 + 1 (118 M²- 135.2 M²)
2 + 1 with a separate kitchen (143.8 M²- 227M²)
2 + 1 with terrace and kitchen (195M²)
2 + 1 Duplex (126.5M²-131.3M²)
4 + 1 Duplex (232.9M²-267.60M²)

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