For sale is a spacious three-room apartment, fully furnished and equipped with household appliances! This is a great option for long stays or summer vacations.
This bright and comfortable apartment is located on the 5th floor, covers an area of ​​117m², oriented towards the middle of the West. The layout 2 + 1 includes: a spacious living room combined with a kitchen, two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large glazed balcony. The new residential complex is located in a guarded fenced area, where a full range of services is available, necessary for a comfortable stay. Nearby there are cozy restaurants and cafes, shops and supermarkets, a large Migros supermarket, children's parks and squares. Mahmutlar has a developed urban infrastructure that is constantly evolving.


  • Midwest direction
  • 5th floor of 9 storey building
  • The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with household appliances
  • Total area of ​​apartments 117m²
  • Wi-Fi, wireless internet available both in the apartment and on the territory of the complex
  • Swimming pool with children's section
  • Indoor winter pool
  • Turkish hamam
  • Fitness center and sauna
  • 24 hours security video system
  • Generator
  • Two fully automated stainless steel elevators
  • Satellite television
  • Caretaker of the complexPayment plan:
  • 5% - deposit for booking apartments
  • 30% - paid 10 days after the start of construction
  • 30% - paid after completion of work on the foundation, frame
  • 30% - paid for the final finishing of the building
  •  5% - to be paid after receiving the TAPU (cadastral sheet for ownership of real estate)Start of construction: September / October 2011
    End of construction: December 2012


  •  The price is fixed upon payment of a deposit and remains unchanged throughout the construction.
  •  When buying from five apartments in this complex, the price is discussed.

Acquisition of real estate is always a crucial step that requires the support of specialists. Alanya Homes provides a full range of consulting and services for the purchase of real estate.
Below, you will find detailed information about the quality and features of construction, specifications of the building and finishing, as well as insurance when buying real estate in the yha2-18 residential complex. The floor plans shown in the drawings correspond to the original. During construction, minor changes may be made that will not affect the legal rights of the owner. The developer company reserves the right to change construction and finishing materials, in connection with the appearance on the market of improved new products. During the execution of the work, licensed specialists will regularly carry out on-site inspections to ensure that the building structure complies with the Legislative Construction Standards in Turkey. The piping and cables are hidden in the walls and floor. The building is connected to the state water supply system and electricity supply. The waste water and sewerage of the complex are connected to the city sewerage system. Individual planning is possible after confirmation by the architect and the entire project team. It is also possible to purchase neighboring apartments and combine them.
Construction Process: Construction begins after a Private Inspection Company conducts a survey of the soil. According to the results of this check, a development project is being prepared. This project is approved by the town planning municipality and after that a building permit is issued. Each stage of construction is monitored by inspectors; construction equipment, materials used for the construction of the complex are also checked. After the completion of the construction, the inspection company issues a guarantee of the quality of the construction for 5 years.
Commissioning: Upon completion of the construction of the complex, the Construction Company Alanya Homes will help organize a council of residents and provide the workforce necessary to maintain order in the complex
Floor and flooring: The floors, 32 cm thick, will be made of reinforced concrete. Ceramic tiles in light colors are used for the flooring. Ceramics of the highest quality will be selected from the catalogs of the leading firms in Turkey.
Walls: External and internal walls are lined with empty bricks for additional sound and thermal insulation. All interior walls are first covered with cement and then with plaster.
Windows and doors: Windows, frames and doors, 70 mm thick, are made of PVC with a metal frame from leading manufacturers. All windows and doors have a swing element with two opening modes. For additional sound insulation, the windows are made of double-glazed windows.
Kitchen: Kitchen set of wooden type, light colors, with frames. The kitchen countertop is made of marble or granite. The wall between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets is lined with fine tiles.
Bathroom: The walls and floors in the bathrooms are completely tiled with ceramic tiles in light colors with marble patterns. The bathrooms are equipped with tempered glass showers, recessed wall toilets, mirror cabinets, washbasin and towel racks. Bathroom ceilings are finished with waterproof plastic panels with integrated spotlights.
Stairs: The stairs will be faced with marble. Railings on staircases and balconies will also be installed.
Communications (electricity and water): All communications are made of materials with the TSE quality mark, which means passing all the checks of the Turkish Quality Institute. Telephone lines and TV aerial sockets in all rooms and on balconies. There is a water tap on the balconies. The water pipes are made of high strength plastic.
Insurance: During the construction period, all risks and losses belong to the developer company. After the turnkey apartment is handed over to the buyer, all responsibility is transferred to the buyer.

Comfortable Furnished 2+1 Apartment in Mahmutlar

Get what you deserve A wonderful complex for the best life in Alanya

  • Area
    117 m2
  • Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Beds
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