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separate kitchen


  • North direction
  • Full finishing
  • Rational planning
  • Panoramic glazing
  • PVC Windows with metal frame, have a sash element with two opening modes
  • Ceiling height is 3 meters
  • Telephone lines and jacks for TV antennas 
  • The floor is covered with light colored ceramic tiles
  • Kitchen set in light or dark colors
  • The kitchen work surface is made of granite
  • The kitchen apron is lined with small tiles
  • The walls and floors in the bathrooms are fully tiled with light colored ceramic tiles
  • Shower cabin made of tempered glass
  • Built-in wall-mounted toilet
  • Cabinets with mirror, sink and compartments for towels
  • The ceiling in the bathroom is made of waterproof drywall, with built-in spot lights
  • Balcony are equipped with a water tap