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  •  Individual garage
  •  Individual pool - 30 м²
  •  Sauna
  •  Garden
  •  4 bedrooms :  guest bedroom, 1st floor-14.5 m2
                            master bedroom, 2nd floor-24.4 m2
                            bedroom, 2nd floor-16.5 m2
                            bedroom, 2nd floor-15.2 m2
  •  4 bathrooms (one with a Jacuzzi)

VILLA’S features:

  •  Steel front door 
  •  Built-in kitchen furniture with granite countertop  
  •  In the bathroom built-in furniture and bathroom equipment
  •  The kitchen is equipped by SIEMENS techniques 
  •  Floor covering – ceramic and granite
  •  In the bathrooms and saloon « floor heating » system
  •  In the rooms SIEMENS air conditions 
  •  Wall covering - wallpaper
  •  Plastic windows 
  •  Sliding balcony doors with aluminum frame
  •  Shutters (on the windows of the ground floor)
  •  Illumination in the garden
  •  Electrical sockets in all rooms and balconies
  •  TV and telephone cables 
  •  Electrical Water Heater
  •  Garden is equipped with irrigation system 
  •  The pool is equipped with an automatic system of water treatment