Public schools of Alanya

In public schools, all subjects are taught only in Turkish language. Classes
in Alanya are a bit crowded – an average of 30-40 students. In such
schools, there are usually few Russian-speaking children: on average,
there are 2 children in each class, which can increase the time of
If your child studied well up to a certain point, but then for example
something happened (he became lazy, locked up, something happened in
the family that could affect the child), then no one will force him to study in
schools. Usually, parents will be put in front of this fact at a meeting, and
then sort it out themselves.
Foreign languages ​​are taught only in the 4th grade. The equipment in
schools in Alanya is satisfactory, it can be compared with ordinary Russian
and Ukrainian: somewhere there are quite good schools (computers,
projectors in classrooms, electronic boards). There are no canteens, there
are only cafes where chıldren can buy food. In all schools, both paid and
free, a system of electronic diaries has been introduced, according to
which, the parents can easily control the child’s progress.
Every day before lessons there is meeting, on which students are reminded
that they come to school for knowledge. All public schools have buses, in
which students are taken from the entrance and brought back home after
school. Cost of service depends from location of house, usually price starts
from 100 TL till 350TL per month (€17-59). Each public school is obliged to
register a child to study at the place of residence, depending from the area
in which you bought your property.
All teachers are qualified. In Turkey, the teacher profession is also highly
demanded from an economic point of view. Municipal school teachers, if
work for a certain number of years or a certain number of hours, can
receive a green passport, thanks to which they can travel the world without
visas and receive € 35,000 once in retirement.