Range of services

ALANYA HOMES specialists provide clients with next range of services

ALANYA HOMES specialists provide clients with the following range of services:

Provide reliable information about the real estate market in
Turkey and can acquaint you with a wide range of real estate objects:
apartments, duplexes, villas, commercial real estate

Provide a full range of consulting and service
for buying, owning and selling real estate in Turkey

Provide full support for the transaction, namely:

  • Conduct a comprehensive examination of documents for legal purity
  • Provide legal advice and assistance in the conduct of sale and purchase procedures and translation of documents
    Provide legal advice and assistance in the conduct of sale and purchase procedures and translation of documents
  • Prepare a complete set of documents for the purchase, starting with the signing of the contract until the receipt of the certificate of ownership (TAPU)
  • WE offer a wide range of after-sales services, including assistance with purchasing furniture, maintaining property, paying taxes, opening a bank account, purchasing airline tickets, organizing transfers, etc.
  • Help in obtaining a mortgage loan
  • Help in paperwork for obtaining a residence permit
    We are engaged in the rental of residential and commercial real estate, as well as the lease of your property
  • Help with buying and renting a car
    Alanya Homes provides professional advice and full transaction support to Russian and European companies, as well as private investors on all matters of investment in real estate and doing business in Turkey.


We are here to help you with any questions you may have.

Turkey is interested in foreign investors, therefore, it is trying to simplify bureaucratic procedures as much as possible and speed up the receipt of a Tapu certificate of ownership. Real estate registration takes a maximum of 4-10 business days. And thanks to the new rule of September 15, 2020, Tapu can be issued remotely, without even coming to Turkey.

The re-registration of property rights is carried out in the Cadastral Office, the only state institution endowed with such rights. Cadastral offices and their offices are located in every city in Turkey, are strictly controlled at the state level, and all real estate transactions are recorded in a unified cadastral register. According to the rules, during the transfer of ownership, the buyer must be present (it is possible remotely or his representative by a notarized power of attorney) and the seller, if one of the parties to the transaction is a foreign citizen, then a certified translator is present. In Turkey, notaries are not involved in real estate transactions.

Yes, you have the right to enter several people in the certificate of ownership – Tapu, in equal or different shares. The cost of registration of Tapu does not change from the number of people entered.

Apartments in Turkey are sold completely with a fine finish, which includes: built-in kitchen, equipped with sanitary ware, flooring (ceramics, granite, marble or laminate), double-glazed windows. Also, at the construction stage, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the finish, color schemes or even change the layout of the apartment.

In Turkey, according to the new rule of February 15, 2019, only official experts with an SPK license (Sermaye Piyasasi Kurulu) have the right to appraise real estate before sale. The cadastral value for real estate appraisal is usually 60% of the market value (depending on the type of real estate).

Yes, close relatives of the owner can get a residence permit

– spouse / spouse

-minor children under 18 years old

– parents of retirement age, in the custody of children